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Resume & Coaching Services

We Write Your Story

We Write Your Story

I believe that each resume is a unique story and creating an effective one should be a collaboration between you and me. This begins during our initial call where I learn as much as I can about your past, current circumstances, and more importantly, your goals. No forms or questionaries to fill out. I want to hear your story.

Through this personalized one-on-one experience, I will create an effective resume that tells your story the best and accomplishes its true purpose, called for an interview.

Employers are busy and often sifting through dozens of potential hires. To get their attention, and keep it, you need to show your potential value to them and their company.

This is done by focusing more on your accomplishment and less on past responsibilities. It is also crucial that we include the most effective key words and skill sets to be effective for today’s hiring software. I call it SEO for resumes.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals.


Personalized one-on-one experience
Effective key words and skill sets (Resume SEO)
Attention grabbing formats
Focus on  accomplishment
Digital platform support including LinkedIn
All resumes packages include a customizable Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile review

An effective resume shouldn’t cost a weeks salary!