How to use DesignStudio

Currently designs are easiest to create on a PC or MAC computer with the Chrome or Safari browser.

Though they can be created on an iPad or other we are currently working on improving that experience.

Designs can’t be created on a phone, because the screens are too small, but you can Upload photos that you take on a phone.

Then go to a computer or a tablet to add them to your designs, then come back to your phone to download them for Instagram, for example.

First select a Template or a saved Design

Select a Template

First select a Template category either in the middle list or on the right, or enter template keyword in the search box.

Try entering Facebook, then hit Enter or Return on your keyboard.

This will find all of our templates in the Facebook category which really can be used anywhere, not just on Facebook.

Let’s modify the Art Studio Cover in the middle, so click on it.

This will load the template in the designer.

To Change the Text

Click on any text in the template, like Art Studio

Then you can change it in the yellow box to the left.

You can change the Width of the box the text is in, which is highlighted in Red.

Resize it with the slider on a computer or the plus and minus buttons on an iPad.

Text Width

With the Width combined with the Text Align you can make columns of words like this:

Reduce the width and click the Left Text Align button which is further down the column:

To change the Text Color: double click the colored box (currently set for purple) or entering a HEX value.

To change Text Size drag the blue circle in the scroll bar left or right.

On an iPad use the plus and minus buttons.

Scroll down to see and try more tools.

To add new Text line

Click the Add a Line button.

which adds a yellow line that says ‘Drag to move or change this on the left.’

Then you can move and change the words to what you want.

A line of text can also be completely deleted by clicking the Delete Line button after you select it in the design.

To Change the Image(s)

First find one under Photos, BCS Images or My Photos (which are your photos that you upload)

Then drag the new photo from the list on the left and drop over the one you want to replace on the right.

Here you can see I dragged the bottom image on the left and dropped it on the background image.

To Add a smaller image to a template

Click the Add Image button which will add a small image of our logo.

Text is always on top of images so you may have to move the text temporarily to move or resize an image behind it.

Just like for text, there are tools for adjusting the image.

To see the tools, double click on an image.

To resize an image, drag the green box in the lower right of the image.

To Undo the last change click the curled icon under the Save button

To reset a template back to the original click the Reset button.

Click the Save button to keep it for later.

Save As Logo button is explained below.

You can find saved designs under My Designs in the left column.

Select a saved Design under My Designs on the left

The designs you have saved will show on the right side.

Click on one to load it into the designer.

Download a Design

When one of your designs open,

click the Download button at the top,

or the Download image at the bottom left.

Your design can either be downloaded as high quality jpeg for printing. (300dpi)

Or a lower quality jpeg or png for the web or social apps. (144 dpi)

On a PC or MAC the designs will download to your Downloads folder in File Explorer on a PC or Finder on a MAC.

On a phone you’ll have to choose where to download it too, so remember where you put so you can maybe share it on Instagram or Facebook or use on your website.

Add a Shape

We currently have some basic shapes and plan on adding more.

You add them to a template the same way as images by dragging them on to the template.

You can create a reusable Logo image that you can put on your other designs.

First start with the blank Logo Designer template and add images and text.

Then save it As Logo with the button at the top.

Then you can find it under My Files on the left.

Upload a photo

Your own photos can be uploaded to use in your designs.

Square photos work best because the browser upload process can cause landscape or portrait photos to flip.

First click My Photos near the bottom left.

Then click the Upload Photo button and click Choose File Button

Rename the file if it doesn’t have good name.

Remember, you can upload photos on your mobile phone, or have on your computer or tablet, but you can’t design on a phone because the screen is too small.

Use your uploaded photos on a computer or a tablet device to create and edit designs.

You’ll find your uploaded photos under My Photos.