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We are a diverse team of seasoned business professionals, consultants, and teachers working together to help you reach your true potential. Together, we combine hundreds of years of experience.

The original idea for BCS came about through several casual conversations with two of our founders as they discussed a project for a large corporate client. Through our conversations, we each began to share the many questions and requests we’d received from the students, coworkers, and clients we’ve each had the privilege of working with over the years. This ultimately led us to reach out to several more consultants for their insight.

We quickly realized the need for a single, easy to use website that members could access for marketing and administrative help. It needed to be affordable with transparent pricing. No, “I spent how much on premium images,” surprises at the the end of the month.

But first, we had to know what was already available. So, we all headed out to research what everyone else had to offer on the internet… and then we read all the reviews.


What a revelation. From those enlightening results, we knew we needed to build a website that not only combined ALL the tools you need for marketing and administration in one place, but also resolve the problems found on other sites.

Low-quality downloads

Never-ending add-on fees for premium templates and images

And lastly, poor customer service

We also felt that members shouldn’t be limited in their design options, and should have the ability to request a new design if they can’t find what they need.

What we came up with is an affordable and fun design tool that anyone can use without the steep learning curve of alternatives like Photoshop and InDesign.

Our DesignStudio combines an intuitive drag-and-drop experience with:
access to a growing library of professionally designed, templates; high quality image downloads; full editing capability; the ability to upload your own images; and a searchable library with over one million license free images.

In addition, our member supported ToolBox is loaded with quality spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. Simply download, edit, and start using.

The result is an easy to use, all-inclusive virtual assistant with unlimited high-quality downloads, and one low price.