A Professional Resume Shouldn’t Cost a Weeks Salary

What is your Story?

The best story always begins with someone interesting doing something interesting.

What does that have to do with resumes you ask.

A resume is in short, your career story. And like any good storyteller, it’s my job to craft something that entices people to read it.

Most resumes today are filled with bullet point responsibilities that show nothing of your real value or actual abilities. Nothing that says: “I’m good at what I do.”

In a sea of dozens or hundreds of resumes, this just doesn’t work anymore. Today’s resume needs to be built around your accomplishments or results.

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All New Resumes Include:

30-60min phone or Zoom interview. This is when you share your story with me. I want to hear about your career, your experience, special needs, and most importantly, your goals

A new accomplishment filled resume focused on your career goals

Research and analysis of job post for ATS winning key words and skills

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Recent Graduate or early career.
Usually has under 5 years of professional experience





For clients with some experience under their belt looking to expand their horizons, climb to the next level, or find a new career





For Managers, Directors, & C-level executives looking to share their knowledge and experience in a new setting

All Resume Packages Include:

  • A new resume
  • A New Cover Letter Template
  • LinkedIn Profile and key search optimization
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Cover Letter


A good Cover Letter will quickly explain career speed-bumps, highlight career goals, and build the readers interest.

LinkedIn Optimization


Your LinkedIn profile is your on-line resume. It should highlight your past while focusing on your goals, and  optimize for key search skills.

Executive Bio


Polish up your online presence with a short, concise bio. Perfect for websites & Blog post

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My Process

Phone interview:

This 30-60min phone or Zoom interview is often part of our initial conversation.

Gather accomplishments and job post links:

During our 1st conversation we will discuss what I need from you to create your new resume. This will include old resumes, career accomplishments, and links to positions you see yourself applying for.

Send Proof:

You will receive a 1st Draft. This will look and read like a completed resume but may need some adjustments.

Edit as Needed:

I offer unlimited revisions for the first 30 days

Send Cover Letter & LinkedIn recommendations:

With your resume approved, I will write a matching Cover Letter and recommended LinkedIn optimization.

Get Hired!

Throughout the process you will receive additional job search tips and tools to help you build Career Success.

A Few Resume Examples